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Daily Schedule


-Your child will need to be present during the day when schooling is happening. Our day in junior high will be from 8:25 am to 2:30 pm. Attendance will be taken and recorded in all subjects, including their check ins, PE and Student Meet times.

-On staff meeting day, the schedule will follow Blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

-Your child will need to keep up with their
studies as their assignments and assessments
will count toward their semester grade.

-Your child should advocate and ask for support if
they need it. Educational assistant time will continue
for the students/classes who currently receive support.

-Your child should set up a study area that works for them.

-Your child will need to continue to follow the Acceptable
Use of Technology guidelines.

-Students will be required to participate in options and PE at
the times listed in their schedule (we will modify instruction as needed).

-There is a break time scheduled in the day as we believe
movement and physical activity is critical to a students’ well being.

-Learning involve a variety of synchronous and asynchronous
learning activities:

The real-time online teaching is known as synchronous learning - learning that happens at a specific time of the day when students and the teacher interact with each other. This is similar to in-class instruction, but uses the virtual platform, Google Meet.

Other learning activities that students complete independently are known as asynchronous learning - activities assigned by the teacher that students complete throughout the day, in addition to teacher instruction. This may include learning through pre-recorded videos, practicing learned skills, engaging in activities, tasks or projects, and assessments.

Google Meets

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