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Open House 2022

Welcome to Lorne Akins Junior High!

Open House April 7th, 2022 @ 7-8:30 pm

Dear Gator Families, 

The SWAMP awaits! 

Join us in April for an energetic and informative evening where school staff and admin introduce you to our incredible school, Lorne Akins Jr. High. 

Meet school staff as you move throughout the school learning about all of the things that make Lorne Akins a great place to be! During the hour you can choose to learn about Mental Health and Wellness, Literacy and Numeracy Support, Athletics, Fine Arts, Clubs, Outdoor Education, School Events, Industrial Arts / Foods and Fashions and a Day in the Life of a Jr. high student. In addition, Gator Gear will be on sale throughout the evening! 

We are hoping this will be a live and in person event where you can walk into our building and get a feel for it, but if restrictions do not permit, we will switch all of the fun to a virtual setting.   For a Virtual Tour of the school click here!  

This will be a true OPEN HOUSE format where you can choose what you would like to see or know about. A program will be released in the coming weeks! We very much look forward to seeing you! 

Derek Herman
Lorne Akins Junior High School