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School supply lists operate differently at the Jr. High level. Unlike elementary school, you will not receive a grade specific list. Instead, each teacher likes to explain to their students what is needed for each specific subject. This means that you will not know what your child will need until after the first couple days of school.

In the meantime, here's a list of general supplies to consider. Also, please keep in mind that we are a Bring Your Own Device school, so if you have access to a device please send it with your child. If you do not have access, please know that we can supply your child with one.


Communication between teachers and families varies greatly from the elementary level to the Jr. High grades.

Building independence is the focus throughout the next three years. Your child(ren) will be experiencing numerous teachers, navigating expectations and due dates in 4 core subjects. As you can imagine, this requires a certain level of organization. Not to mention participating in 3 option classes. In many cases, students will be informed of due dates in class. Numerous reminders are given, with usually a week’s notice for larger assessments.

Daily and weekly communication from each individual teacher is not always possible. Gator teachers care deeply about their students, as you should expect, and offer numerous reminders and opportunities to stay organized, and on top of what is coming up for your child. With that said, students are expected to find an organization strategy that works well for them.

Google Classroom

All core subjects will have a Google Classroom attached to them. Teachers will provide assignments and news pertaining to their class. Students will be expected to check this regularly, as instructed by the teacher. Parents usually do not use Google Classroom as this is a student tool.

One useful benefit of using Google Classroom is that digital textbooks can be placed on the sites which means that students do not have to cart their textbooks to and from school. It also helps reduce the amount of materials students have to organize.


In addition to Google Classroom, all students and parents will have access to PowerSchool. PowerSchool is a communication tool that allows both students and parents to see their current marks, assignments handed in or missing. PowerSchool is also used for reporting and for handling school fees.


Anytime you need to get in touch with our staff, teachers or administrators you can always email us. Our emails can be found on the Our Staff page.

Using email to connect with teachers is an efficient and effective way to clear up any confusion, update or get clarification on questions you may have.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted within the school, but students are not allowed to have them on their person during instructional time. Students will have access to their phone before class, during morning break, lunch, and after school.

So, if you are needing to communicate with your child during instructional time, please call the front office and we will locate your child for you.

*See school agenda for policy reference on cell phones.

Due Dates and Assignments

As mentioned prior, one of the biggest challenges Jr. High students face is the organization surrounding assignments, tests and due dates. At the Jr. High level assignments and their completion matter. Due dates will be given to the students by the teacher and expectations will differ with each teacher.

Parents can follow up with their child(ren) by using PowerSchool to check on assignments and current marks for each subject area. In addition, parents can remind their child to consistently check Google Classroom for any upcoming assignments or messages.

Having a conversation with your child(ren) about strategies to stay organized would be beneficial. To aid with organization, students will be provided with a student agenda should they request it.

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