TA's, clubs and events

At the Swamp, we aim to have all students connected in some way to other Gators.

Teacher Advisories

Teacher Advisories (aka TA’s) are homerooms comprised of students from grade 7, 8 and 9. Not only do they meet for morning and afternoon attendance, but they also spend time together for topical group discussions as they arise throughout the year. Another great way to build comunity is during the monthly TA challenges where the 20 TA’s in the school engage in friendly competition with one another.

Gator Clubs

Gator Clubs are an excellent way to make connections with other students who have similar interests! Various clubs are offered throughout the week soon after the school year begins.

Clubs Offered: Intramurals, SOGI, Fitness, Video Game, Computers, Sewing, Math Help, Gator Catch Up, Climbing, Band, Jazz, Chess Club, Book Club, GatorSKI and many more.

Students will get more information about clubs at school.

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