Code of Conduct

Students at Lorne Akins are asked to live up to a set of basic expectations based on common sense and courtesy. Students are taught to recognize the connection between rights and responsibilities and understand that privileges are tied to obligations. Students are expected to live up to the following behavioural standards:

  • Respect one's self, all staff, students, and community members, be truthful and honest.
  • Respect the property, equipment, textbooks, facilities and rules of Lorne Akins and all other schools.
  • Be punctual.
  • Be on task.
  • Complete assignments, keep notes up to date and organize textbooks and other school supplies.
  • Be honest in the completion of assignments and tests.
  • Behave and dress appropriately for a school environment.

Students are expected to work hard and be nice. They should all walk, talk and text politely and keep their hands and feet to themselves.

Consequences for breaching the code of student behaviour and conduct may result in student talks with teachers, counsellors and/or school administrators. In severe cases suspension and/or expulsion from the school may be brought forth.

Froshing and Harassment

In past years, especially during late August and school opening, some students have been involved in activities that are criminal acts. These acts are a part of what is commonly known as froshing. All students have a right to feel and be safe in their schools. To ensure that this is true in St. Albert, both school jurisdictions and all schools are working together to send out an important message. 

The message is very clear: froshing is not acceptable behaviour. It is, in fact, an assault. Any student involved in such an activity will face suspension, and possible legal charges or expulsion.

Also applying to Safe and Caring Schools is the issue of weapons. Students may not bring to school a weapon, replica weapon or prohibited item, which might threaten or injure another student or staff member. Again, there is no tolerance for such behaviour and consequences could be severe.

Please note: the use of cell phones, iPods and other electronic games/devices is not permitted during class time without special consent. All such communication/entertainment devices are to be turned off and put away during class time. We will confiscate improperly-used electronic devices.

Dress Code

In general, students are responsible for determining their own standard of dress and grooming, within the limits of cleanliness and good taste. The principal is responsible for establishing an acceptable standard of school dress. Hats, hoods and bandanas are not to be worn in the building. Staff will determine appropriateness of dress and take measures to ensure that acceptable standards are being met. A good rule of thumb is that tops should touch bottoms and no underwear should be showing.


Students are not permitted to smoke or chew tobacco, or use any type of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers in the school or on or around school property. Violation will result in communication with parents and offenders face suspension. Lorne Akins staff and community ask parents to help us take action against students who persist in loitering and smoking anywhere near the school. Such incidents will be recorded and reported to parents. Lighters and matches are forbidden.

Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Any student who is in possession of, or under the influence of, any illegal substance on school property or during school-sponsored activities will face immediate suspension and/or expulsion as outlined in the Drug Free Protocol for St. Albert Schools. Crimestoppers is being used successfully to report illegal activity and the RCMP may be involved in these cases. Locker checks and bag searches may be carried out and visits by the drug dog will be conducted if requested by the principal. Students need to remember that lockers are school property. Students are asked to never bring bad attitudes, substances or behaviour to Lorne Akins School.

Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)

Our school division is a partner in the St. Albert and Sturgeon Regional Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol. The regional partnership includes school divisions, emergency services and community agencies, all working together for the safety of all children, youth and families. 

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