Students leaving school during the day

Occasionally it is necessary for students to leave school during the school day. Reasons such as medical appointments should be indicated by a phone call or an email to the office. The student must then sign out at the office. If we had not heard from a parent, the student will not be allowed to leave until we have contacted parents.

Extended vacations

Many families in St. Albert enjoy holidays that result in the loss of school time. While we believe that travel is important to one's overall education, we require that students be responsible for catching up on work missed. In the event that a student will miss exams, special arrangements must be made in advance. Only illness or bereavement (confirmed by parent) are acceptable reasons for missing final examinations in June, and any such absences must be confirmed directly with the principal. Please try not to schedule holidays during the last 10 school days, or in May for the Language Arts written exam. Check the calendar of events for dates of these exams.