Our Staff

Administration and Office Staff

Derek Herman


Jennifer Suriano

Assistant Principal

Sharon Campagna

Administrative Assistant (Finances, Fees)

Pam Hanson

Administrative Assistant (Student Services, Registration)

Tamara Krausher

Administrative Assistant (Reception and Attendance)


Shawn Andersen

Social Studies, Outdoor Education

Craig Baba

Language Arts, Fit & Well-Being

Denise Barrett

Language Arts, Digital Media

Ken Bishop

Science, Industrial Arts

Erin Bower

Science, Foods

Tyler Boychuk

Science, STEAM, Fit & Well-Being

Elisa Bruyer

Social Studies, Language Arts, Physical Education, Sports For Life

Lisa Coyne

Language Arts, Fit & Well-Being

Brian Demuynck

Band, Pop & Rock, Guitar, Math

Wilson Dolan

Science, Industrial Arts, STEAM, Computers

Devon Dorn

Social Studies, Language Arts, Gator Learning Support

Ryan Drake

Social Studies, Physical Education

Cynthia Dyer

Foods and Fashion

Stephanie Faught

Physical Education, Math, Sports For Life

Tanner Fisher

Science, Drama

Wendy Jennings

Social Studies, Physical Education

Alexandra Kennedy

Science, Physical Education, Sports For Life

Jody Kobe

Math, Computers, Physical Education

Sheena Priddle

Art, Language Arts

Brayden Robinson

Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Fit and Well Being

Shannon Ruivo

Language Arts, Physical Education, ELL Coordinator

Moritz Schmidt

Physical Education, Sports For Life

Brad Shmyr

Math, Guitar

Ian Steinke

Math, Physical Education

Support Staff

Patti Boucher

Educational Assistant

Jennifer Cassie-Morfoot

Educational Assistant

Amanda Murphy

Educational Assistant

Shelley Verlik

Educational Assistant

Marta Wenschlag

Educational Assistant

Dan Bernardo


Raul Manalac