Scan4 Contest for Yellow Bus Riders

Did you know that an important safety step when riding the yellow bus is to scan passes when getting on and off the bus? This lets us know exactly who is on the bus at any given time – which is critical information if something happens to the bus or if a child’s whereabouts are unknown. If each child has scanned on and scanned off, we can tell when and where that child got on and off the bus.

This means that a child should have four scans on days they’re riding the bus. Some buses have very high scan rates, but there is room for improvement on all routes. To encourage all students to scan on and off both morning and afternoon, we’re launching our Scan4 contest. There will be great prizes for the top scanners on each route, as well as best overall routes. We’ll surprise routes that are doing well with spot prizes throughout the contest too!


  • Contest runs from March 1-May 31, 2024
  • All you have to do is scan on and scan off each time you ride the bus – both morning
    and afternoon runs. Scan4 times a day!
  • Prizes will be awarded to top scanners on each route, and on routes that have the
    highest overall scan rates. 
  • Watch for the Scan4 team throughout the contest! They might show up on your bus route
    with some great spot prizes!


Scan4 Contest

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